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Learn more about how to download Xbox 360 Emulator on Android Without Root. If you are searching for Xbox 360 Emulator games for your Android then you are in the right place, let dig into the article to explore more about Xbox Emulator. You can also Run Android apps on iOS by using iAndroid, like wise you can Run iOS apps on Android by iOS Emulator.

If you are a gaming lover you already know about Xbox Emulator, but actually Xbox is a console which allows you to play games on TV’s and large screens. Here in this article I will show how to play Xbox games on your Android also. But you only  allowed to play some lite games and also the games which have the less graphic design, the reason why because Android devices GPU’s don’t have that much horse power and capacity to drive those graphic games.

  • Note: You can play lite weight games like Hal0, Gears of wars because of it’s low graphic design, but you can’t play GTA, Smack Down, God of War games on Xbox Emulator.

Actually, Android devices have less CPU and GPU, so while palying Xbox 360 games you may face some lagging issues, the process is also too long, because of heavy graphic design sometimes your game may crash or froze in the middle. But here in this article I will provide you latest Xbox 360 Emulator Apk which have more improvements like rendering the game with the less CPU and GPU. Nowadays smartphones are getting very smart and more and more powerful and have RAM improvements to enjoy the all graphic games in it.

App info:

  • Name: Xbox 360 Emulator Apk
  • Developer:
  • Version: V1.3.1 Apk
  • Downloads 500,000+
  • Size 17.34 Mb is very less but you will get excellent gaming experience.
  • My Rating: 4/5


Check the compatibility before you install Xbox 360 Emualtor. I think recently released all android versions and iOS versions allows you to play Xbox games without any issues.

  • All Latest Android v4.0 & above.
  • iOS 7-11/ iPhone 4/5/6/7/ iPad Touch/ iPad Mini.
  • PC or Laptop with Windows 10/8/1/8/7 or Mac and Other OS also.
Pre-Requirements to Download Xbox 360 Emulator:
  • Android devices with dual core Processor.
  • Fly VPN Apk or any VPN on Android devices to change IP address to Chinese IP address.
  • Andriod devices having RAM 1GB or more.
  • Xbox 360 Emulator Apk.

Xbox 360 Emulator Apk For Android Free Download:

There is different between paid and free applications. Here I am providing free application, being a free application it just scales down the games resolution and graphic qualities to low as much they can give and it renders the game by using your mobile CPU and GPU. So Xbox Emulator allows you playing lighter graphic games on your Android, Ok let’s ready to play Xbox games on Android devices for free.

What is Xbox 360 Emulator?

Xbox 360 Emulator Apk is an Emulator which Emulates the Xbox games on your Android devices, means you can enjoy the gaming consoles in the form of Emulators and Roms on Android devices. but due to high graphic design levels you may face some crashes or lagging while playing Xbox games on Android. That’s the main reason why lot of games only prefer laptops and gaming consoles for playing Grapically designed games like Counter Striker, GOT etc…

Let’s read some more features about Xbox 360 Emulator to get a final though whether you want it or not. After that I will give you simple steps to install Xbox 360 Emulator Apk on Android Without Root.

Features of Xbox Emulator:

  1. Save State“, the name itself describes everything like you can save game at anytime anywhere and you can start from there where you left off the game.
  2. Hell lot of games are available on Xbox 360 Emulator on Android, the games which you even don’t know.
  3. You will get good gaming experience.
  4. Their suppoet team always ready to help you if you have any queries.
  5. You can get everything for free, you even don’t need to pay single penny.

How to Install Xbox 360 emulator for android free apk?

Here in this article I will provide Xbox 360 emulator v1.3.1 apk for android to install. I think this will give you same experience like as Xobx gaming console.

Step 1) First of all xbox 360 emulator v3.2 download from the below link.


Step 2) Before Install the app, just follow my steps to install Xbox 360 Emulator without any issues in future.

Go to Settings >> Security>> Tap on Unknown Resources>> Enable it

Enable Unknown Resources

Step 3) Now back to Xbox 360 Apk which you have just Downloaded, after that click on it.

Step 4) Now you will get “Install” option tap on it, and start the installation process.

Step 5) After completion of installation click on “Done” option.

I think installation of Xbox 360 Emulator Apk is very simple as even kid can also install it without any issues, but playing games from Xbox is some what difficult to understand because of it’s Chinese language.

How to Use Xbox 360 Emulator on Android:

As I already mentioned earlier, Xbox Emulator is in Chinese language, that’s why many users are worried because of Chinese language, I swear you don’t need worry about that language, just follow me I will show how to use Xbox Emulator without worrying about language. But Xbox UI is very good and easy to understand.

  • First of all open the Xbox 360 Emulator on your Android device.
  • Now you can see the app words in Chinese language, just ignore everything simply tap on the option which looks like same in the below image.
xbox 360 emulator apk
xbox 360 emulator
  • But don’t forget one thing you need to have good internet speed to open the games without hell lagging. If you have slow internet speed then forget about Xbox Emulator.
  • When you click on the which I show in the above image, you will automatically navigate to the gaming apps page, simply choose the games by seeing images, after that tap on the game which you want to play.
xbox 360 emulator games
xbox 360 emulator games
  • Now game will load depends upon your internet connection.

I think after seeing the above you will conclude yourself to how to play Xbox 360 games on android devices without any errors, if you face any errors that must be IP address issues I think. Let’s read more to fix Xbox Emulator errors with IP address.

Fix Xbox 360 Emulator VPN Errors:

Just in case, if you are not able to operate the app even after installing it properly. Just be patience and uninstall Xbox Emulator app from your android and Download any VPN which have Chinese servers. Because, I already mentioned about Fly VPN apk in Pre-Requirements section which is uses to change IP address of your server. Xbox Emulator is only get accessed with Chinese IP addresses, so simply change your IP address and then play Xbox 360 Emulator games without any issues on your android devices.

  • First of all download Fly VPN from the Google PlayStore.
  • Now change your IP to Chinese IP address, because Xbox 360 Emulator on android purely works in China without any issues.
  • Like this method you can enjoy the Xbox games For Android without any lagging and crashing errors.

Note: While using VPN on your android devices you may face slow internet connection issues, so make sure you have good internet connection which can bare huge Data deliver at a time.


That’s it kudos, that a long article thank’s for your patience. I think this article on “Free Download Xbox 360 Emulator For Android” may give you good gaming experience. Share this awesome app with your friends too. Thank’s for visiting, If you want more apps like this then Visit FixiOSDownloads blog. Here I gave you Xbox 360 Emulator Apk Latest version which have best improvements compared to the older versions.

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