How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number/Sim Card (Working Trick)

WhatsApp Without Phone Number 2016: Oh my God! I never think that I am using WhatsApp not only for communication purpose but also prank my friends by doing funny things. Do you want to know how I make a Fun by Pranking friends? I think Do you, Don’t worry just wait and see, I will show you “How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number/Mobile Number or without SIM card“. Everyone thinks WhatsApp is only for sending text, sharing files like Videos, Audios, Photos with your friends and family.

I think  WhatsApp is already launched WhatsApp voice calling feature for all platforms. We all know WhatsApp is trending messenger which is Downloaded and used by millions of users on their tablet, iPhone, iPad, Nokia, BlackBerry, Android and windows phone smartphone. Whatsapp is most popular messenger which are available at free of cost. After reading this article you will use WhatsApp without Number verification.

How to Enable WhatsApp Without Sim card or WhatsApp Without Phone Number:

I think every smartphone users surfing the internet and trying to get WhatsApp Without  Phone Number. That’s the main reason why I choose to write this Article, I try my level best to give you best & working methods. Ok buddies Just follow my steps without making any mistakes while doing. Really, these are working methods, I try these on my Android Samsung Duos and iPhone. Recently WhatsApp is announced that they are planning to release special and most wanted feature WhatsApp Video calling feature.

Note: Sometimes you may lose your SIM card or sometimes your respective device doesn’t support to have Sim card, Don’t worry but make sure that your device must support internet connection. Because we only allowed to send or receive messages or any other activities on WhatsApp only with the proper internet connection. Just follow below steps to Download & Install WhatsApp Without Phone Number/SIM card.

{100% Working} Steps to Install Whatsapp Without Phone Number/Mobile Number:

Important: If you already have WhatsApp account with verifying your Phone number, first Backup all your Data(like files, videos, images) and the uninstall WhatsApp on your Device.

Step 1) I think you uninstall the existing WhatsApp application, Ok buddies then Install Latest WhatsApp Messenger from the below link, make sure install it without any errors to get perfect WhatsApp without Phone number.

Download & Install Latest WhatsApp

Step 2) Now WhatsApp asks for Mobile Number verification, But our main motto is to use WhatsApp Without Phone/Mobile Number. So simply don’t think about Mobile Number verification process, just do as I said, Here we have to Play a Trick.

Step 3) Now you need to change your Network Settings to “Flight Mode” means in my SmartPhone “Airplane Mode” to Bypass Whatsapp Mobile Number verification.

Step 4) Now it’s time to open your downloaded and installed new WhatsApp app and enter your mobile number. Nothing to worry because our Device is in flight mode so, it’s not complete verification process.

Step 5) So If you did the above step perfectly WhatsApp automatically asks for the Alternative verification process.

Step 6) Here, you have to choose “verify through SMS” option and enter your email address.

Step 7) ** Most & Important Step to get WhatsApp Without Phone Number ** after entering your Email click on “Submit within a fraction of seconds Tap on “Cancel option.

Step 8) Now Install spoof or fake message apps on your Android & iOS devices to get WhatsApp Without Phone Number/Mobile Number. Download & Install Fake message for iPhone from the below link.

Download Fake Message App for iOS

  • If you are Android user Download & Install Spoof Message App from the below link and Install it successfully without any errors.

Download Spoof Message App for Android

Step 9) After Downloading & Installing above Apps on your respective devices, go to Outbox and copy the details and send it to a fake number.

Step 10) You can use below details in order to perform this false WhatsApp verification code and Gmail step.


     From: + (country code) (mobile number)

          Message: Your e-mail address


If you do all the steps perfectly as I mentioned like above you can get a false or spoof number to complete the verification process by getting WhatsApp confirmation code. Now, you are ready to use WhatsApp without phone number/Mobile Number or without SIM card with that false mobile number. I think after reading this you will learn “How to create WhatsApp account without sim card

Buddies it works really on my smartphones, do all the steps without any mistakes, If you fail to get used of WhatsApp without Phone Number let know via comment what type of problem you are facing.Don’t forget to share this Article, with your friends too. For more Updates Visit

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