How to Add Someone on Whatsapp on iPhone, iPad & Android

Hai friends, everyone knows about Whatsapp, how much popular it is? WhatsApp is an online social media messenger which allows you to send messages for free without any cost, but to send messages to your friends you need to have an internet connection. Don’t worry about internet connection, Whatsapp consumes very low internet data compared to other social media apps. Here in this article, I will show you “How to Add Someone on Whatsapp“.

  • Note: Those contacts which are saved in your contacts list will automatically be added to the Whatsapp contacts list but those contacts also need to have Whatsapp on their devices. Here I will show you how to add contacts of your friends directly on Whatsapp.

I think Adding someone means either your family or friends contacts to the Whatsapp list is somewhat logic, but you are using Whatsapp continuously, you will know everything about “How to add someone on Whatsapp“. Still, If you do not have WhatsApp then Download WhatsApp For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Without Jailbreak immediately by using this link.  Here I am writing this article for the new users who want to add their friend’s list to the Whatsapp. Suppose if you have some contacts on your device with their names, then you will see the same contacts list on your Whatsapp also. To know How to Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number/Sim Card, you can follow this link carefully.

Let’s Discuss on two things here…

  1. How to Add Someone on Whatsapp which means how to add contacts to Whatsapp.
  2. How to Add Someone on Whatsapp by sending invitation message.

Just read each and every step, here I am giving you older Whatsapp and latest updated Whatsapp images on adding contacts to Whatsapp. Come on let’s start the discussion on how to find someone on WhatsApp by name.

How to Add Someone on Whatsapp on iPhone:

Before reading how to add someone on Whatsapp make sure you have their contact number whom you want to add on your Whatsapp on iPhone or iPad

Step 1) First of all open Whatsapp on your iPhone, iPad.

Step 2) Here click on the “Contacts” option which is in the middle section.

Step 3) Now tap on “Add Contacts” option which looks like the “+” option you can also check the below image.

Click on Add (+)New Contact

Step 4) Here enter your First name and Last name.

Enter First Name & last Name

Step 5) After that tap on the “Add Phone” option.

Step 6) Now go the Contacts option and search the name which you are just saved.

How to Add Contact on Android Whatsapp:

  • First and foremost step open your Whatsapp on your Android device.
  • Now open any contact on your phone which you didn’t save yet.
  • Now tap on the three dotted symbol which is at the top right.
Open Your WhatsApp Account
  • Here click on the “Add to Contacts” options.
Tap onAdd Contacts
  • Then you will pop-up with one window which asks you “Create a new contact or add to an existing contact“. Here choose “Existing” if you want to edit existed contact, or choose “New“, If you want to create a new contact.
If Not Have Saved Contact then Tap on New
  • Now fill all your details like “Name“, “Mobile Number” and rest of the details.
Enter Name & Number of Contact
  • Now navigate to your contacts and search the name which you just saved.

You can use WhatsApp For iPad by Installing WhatsPad on iPad to know more about it use this link. To know How to invite your friends on WhatsApp read following lines carefully.

How To Add Someone On WhatsApp By Sending Whatsapp Invitation Message:

Whatsapp gives chance to their customers to send invitation message link to send their friends to install the Whatsapp messenger on their friend’s devices too. Here in this article, I will show the steps to invite your friends to Whatsapp by the message. If your iPhone or Android Device has someone Contact, If they still don’t have Whatsapp on their device, You can invite them to use WhatsApp chat.

Step 1) First open Whatsapp on your iPhone or Android.

Step 2) Now click on the contacts feature on your Whatsapp which is in the middle.

Step 3) Here you can see all the contacts list which you have on your android phone. If they have Whatsapp on their device then you will see all the contact on your Whatsapp too. If they don’t have Whatsapp on their device then you will see “Invite” option which is very next to the contact.

Step 4) If you tap on invite option then you will navigate to the message which has a link on it, simply send a message to your friend.

Step 5) Now if they accept your request by click on the link they can also have a chance to install Whatsapp on their device.

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That’s it friends, This what I experience while I am trying to add contacts to Whatsapp. I think this article is very helpful for the new Whatsapp users to add new contacts to their Whatsapp. This article is all about “How to add someone on Whatsapp” which means how to add new contacts on Whatsapp. If you feel this article is helpful for you then share this article with your friends too. If you face any issues while following the above steps then comment me back in the comments section. I will give you reply with my level best solution as soon as possible. Thank’s for visiting, for more updates visit back to FixiOSDownloads blog.

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