[Latest] Free Crunchyroll Premium Account | 100+ Crunchyroll Logins

Grab free crunchyroll premium account. If you are a die hard manga or anime fan like me then in this post I will tell you how to get premium crunchyroll for free.

I recently finished binge watching few of the top rated anime and manga shows of all time using crunchyroll. Most popular shows like Naruto, Dragon Ball Manga, Baruto: Naruto The Next can be easily streamed here.

Such popular anime are hard to find on any reliable streaming sites. If you are a super fan you will know that.

You will find random parts and videos of all these anime and manga shows or even fan versions. But getting full version of the series to binge watch right from the very beginning without jumping over episodes is a tough task.

Thus, below I have shared how to get crunchyroll premium account for free.

Also, I have shared several crunchyroll logins.

But before I share crunchyroll premium account details, here’s a little bit about crunchyroll and what it is for readers who are new to it. Which will help you decide why you need crunchyroll premium account.

What Is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is a company driven around giving the best experiences for super fans of anime and manga.

waorlds largets anime collection

They provide anime on Demand and have largest collection of anime & manga. As this is a Warner Media Company, all of anime that you get to watch and stream using crunchyroll is completely licensed. So you need not to worry about interruptions in streaming or quality.

So you can basically call it Netflix or Hulu of Anime.

But they just don’t stop there. Along with streaming Crunchyroll is focused on a full experience for fans. So they also involve in organising themed events, fan meet-ups for highly enthusiastic fans. Along with which they deal in providing anime toys, fan collections etc.

So its a company you can blindly trust for quality content when it comes to anime.

Crunchyroll Premium Account With Proof

Okay, so lets get started. I will share with you how to get crunchyroll for free also I have shared the proof that these accounts work.

But here’s few things to take care of while using these crunchyroll accounts.

  1. Sharing is caring, so lets share with all the fans and enjoy the streaming service.
  2. Do not change or update passwords. This allows access to more and more fans.
  3. If you change password, you will not gain access to crunchyroll premium account for long time.
  4. If the accounts don’t work, read the FAQs on what to do.

crunchyroll premium account

Premium Crunchyroll Logins

December 2020;

AlbertoEPerry@hotmail.comOhC9aThajSubscription = FAN
LarryTFlowers@teleworm.useivui2JeSubscription = MEGA FAN
GladysJAnderson@gustr.comlisoo1UtahSubscription = MEGA FAN
CatalinaDHussey@gustr.comUacu5coh4thSubscription = MEGA FAN
GordonJWashington@teleworm.usNohr7too3Subscription = MEGA FAN
GaryHHanson@hotmail.comNoiShu3RutaSubscription = MEGA FAN
TimothyHJenkins@dayrep.comwah8ouTh8aeSubscription = FAN
JuniorNWray@gustr.comaezengae4IeSubscription = FAN
CeceliaRFry@armyspy.comOumah5ielaeSubscription = FAN
DouglasJBrown@fleckens.huOhthielia2ieSubscription = FAN
FranklinPStallings@rhyta.comFohsheek2xSubscription = FAN
AnnaJWorrell@gustr.comaigoPhiek9Subscription = FAN
StephenJMorris@cuvox.deEequaeS9ooSubscription = FAN
KevinALauer@einrot.comaLiuph3giethSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
OwenJBoyce@teleworm.uskoo0KaipSubscription = FAN
CarrieAWatlington@rhyta.comChool4AhleeSubscription = FAN
WilliamPBrooks@rhyta.compai6huweeC2Subscription = FAN
MichaelJMoore@einrot.comigh5EiyaeSubscription = MEGA FAN
StephenCEsparza@cuvox.deaS1shaithaiSubscription = MEGA FAN
AndreFFoster@rhyta.comzeixooMoo4Subscription = MEGA FAN
MargaretRShaner@fleckens.huEhoo5AhshSubscription = MEGA FAN
HugoEBaggett@einrot.comookeiLae8IeSubscription = MEGA FAN
AngelaMKarns@einrot.comaiVeep0MieSubscription = MEGA FAN
FredrickVHarrison@einrot.comuPh3aipeuhSubscription = MEGA FAN
BrianCKane@gustr.comheiCh0IeSubscription = MEGA FAN
DonnieSCatlett@einrot.comfofeiZ4dSubscription = MEGA FAN
FrancisAPatrick@teleworm.usEenoog5poorSubscription = MEGA FAN
RodneyRStrode@armyspy.comDeetho1ahshSubscription = MEGA FAN
YongDSmiley@fleckens.huani9Roh3ShSubscription = FAN
JeremyAPoindexter@gustr.comKij8Osho7Subscription = FAN
RichardSDuff@gustr.comofahg8AegSubscription = FAN
CarolynJNewton@cuvox.deshoo0IeFe3yaiSubscription = FAN
AnaJBlack@armyspy.comOi9gieSoh6Subscription = FAN
ShaunJMcBride@dayrep.comDaiC7oa6SahSubscription = FAN
JohnnyEMaples@rhyta.comdahSh1enagSubscription = FAN
RobertoCGraham@fleckens.huFiwa5bai5Subscription = FAN
RandyIMcKinley@einrot.comAephohYi3USubscription = FAN
DonaldRBrown@rhyta.comahmaaN1lieSubscription = FAN
GlennCMerritt@jourrapide.comEih2thahkSubscription = FAN
RonnieRBrant@cuvox.deoe3EulooSubscription = FAN
RonaldCBeard@einrot.comaeg9ix8IoShSubscription = MEGA FAN
DanielSMoten@gustr.comdio0ieGahaeSubscription = MEGA FAN
GaryMHernandez@rhyta.comahNoa5eef3Subscription = MEGA FAN
JerryDStewart@rhyta.comAhphuj9wSubscription = MEGA FAN
AdamLSmith@fleckens.huOox9FoophohSubscription = MEGA FAN
JosephDKeyes@superrito.comCoocoh2eephieSubscription = MEGA FAN
NathanielLWilkerson@teleworm.usHoo0Ai2raSubscription = MEGA FAN
RobertLAllen@einrot.comkia4Eet5EneiSubscription = MEGA FAN
JodiCMiller@cuvox.deohzaiy1AhDSubscription = MEGA FAN
RichardRFisher@teleworm.usogied4shaiChSubscription = MEGA FAN
SoniaLSpann@gustr.comniem2wuGhSubscription = MEGA FAN

Premium Crunchyroll

November 2020;

LoisDShuffler@rhyta.comPu5gov2rahSubscription = MEGA FAN
JamesCHandley@superrito.comquodaeg3IeSubscription = MEGA FAN
MichaelBRoberts@gustr.comfooWughah6uySubscription = MEGA FAN
JohnCWilliams@superrito.comhiW0xoo6eiSubscription = MEGA FAN
JamesMHurst@superrito.comOonahbeeph7Subscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RobertEJennings@cuvox.deTie7mai3ohgSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RonaCSnyder@superrito.comjeigeeth3CahSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MarioADillard@gustr.comeK9boesei2mSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
KarenMBlair@dayrep.comOoH4VeephSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
StephenieTZermeno@jourrapide.comeig2Yai1bSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
OscarCMullins@fleckens.huahgi3euLieSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
NormaGGallo@fleckens.huWieg9eetiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
TheodoreCRice@armyspy.comooWae3eehaiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JohnACarter@einrot.comaeY3aej3eeSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MartinAMiller@teleworm.usQuaozah0ruSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
ThomasDThornton@armyspy.comUliedai7suySubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JohnESaucedo@dayrep.comaiphu6ThieSubscription = FAN
MarkASalvatore@teleworm.usooh3wiTooSubscription = FAN
JerryMBond@dayrep.comaiN5koh7LieSubscription = FAN
RichardDCouch@teleworm.uspi4uh6oHahSubscription = FAN
StanleyRWilson@superrito.comyoid3IephSubscription = MEGA FAN
RonaldAGonzalez@fleckens.huireiCoh5VSubscription = MEGA FAN
RussellCBartholomew@jourrapide.comeequa7SaeySubscription = MEGA FAN
PatrickALair@jourrapide.comiephae3AeSubscription = MEGA FAN
JimmyVDelaney@einrot.comaighaY3AeshSubscription = MEGA FAN
RebaJRodriguez@einrot.comOhbie0daeMeSubscription = MEGA FAN
BruceSWyatt@dayrep.comochaeYah9wSubscription = MEGA FAN
GaryLRos@cuvox.deaili0Koh1EeSubscription = MEGA FAN
ChristopherWGarrison@cuvox.deAekicah2ohSubscription = MEGA FAN
SarahJArrellano@dayrep.comSohjahr7oSubscription = MEGA FAN
HaroldRMeissner@dayrep.commah3fu1Aiz9Subscription = FAN
FrancesJKauffman@jourrapide.comaengie5ZaeSubscription = FAN
RobertNDouglas@fleckens.humu9go3IezSubscription = FAN
RosaSMcClinton@fleckens.huEiciu5Ri9kSubscription = FAN
KentPRamos@rhyta.comriez0Ooj7Subscription = FAN
PabloAMcCormick@dayrep.comthohShuqu4EiSubscription = FAN
RichardAHill@dayrep.comqueich6OhSubscription = FAN
PaulaKFajardo@gustr.comiSh9Thu9Subscription = ULTIMATE FAN
ChristopherAMurray@dayrep.comQuif5nee8aiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MichaelLTurbeville@superrito.comcheifaJa8PieSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
HermanPAlleyne@jourrapide.comEevei7tien7Subscription = ULTIMATE FAN
VincentDCrow@einrot.cominah6GieRSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MartinALane@teleworm.useb5EQuahpSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
CharlesSNelson@gustr.comyau9xaGohSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
PabloMMannino@einrot.comiech4ahHieSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RobertSSapp@armyspy.comudooTh6IaRSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
DavidODeaton@armyspy.comtexu4ShoSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
ZaidaJBannister@fleckens.huish5IeshSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RogerRDavis@armyspy.comeu9iePhieSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
DerekAHeal@armyspy.comYoveecahn2TSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN

Crunchyroll For Free

October 2020;

StevenMGuthrie@armyspy.comxi6ieghoaTeSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RonaldRWalker@superrito.comVoorae2eSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
AnthonyTAugust@einrot.comIGhee3jahchSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
AudreyJReichard@superrito.comZe6iedeiraeSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
DallasJGant@dayrep.comNeipaig7USubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JohnGWagner@superrito.comEwuqu5MuoSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
EdwardAManuel@armyspy.comGee0UcheethSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
OliviaNReaves@gustr.comoshai8WecSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JamesSNunn@rhyta.combae8oshi7VeSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MonicaEPowell@dayrep.comauvai2QuuiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
EdwardTHolman@fleckens.huOoy7Zoo8Subscription = FAN
MelvinHStone@gustr.comxohV0od1ieSubscription = FAN
ChadWGage@superrito.comChaShu0shSubscription = FAN
MichaelRGonzalez@fleckens.hueK9eu4ohsh3Subscription = FAN
RobertJMiller@gustr.comTah1Egheiph3ohSubscription = FAN
RobertDLewis@gustr.comaem1ReeshSubscription = FAN
FrankTRidenour@superrito.comLithu8ohlaiSubscription = FAN
GregoryLEvans@rhyta.comDai5aephoj9Subscription = FAN
RichardMJames@superrito.comgahpuj4Io0Subscription = FAN
RogerAHatley@jourrapide.comOoSaimie4tSubscription = FAN
DonnaRJames@superrito.comau3AifijaSubscription = FAN
ChristopherNCoppinger@rhyta.comzeigoh1OoSubscription = FAN
JoseRWaddell@jourrapide.comouJ9eing9Subscription = FAN
BrianJThurman@armyspy.comEzash4quiNSubscription = FAN
PaulVMcFadden@rhyta.comeel6ULahSubscription = FAN
JoeDMoody@einrot.comOs5shahphSubscription = FAN
WilliamPGodbey@einrot.comXei4chaiSubscription = FAN
CoreyMSmall@jourrapide.comEiye8iev5Subscription = FAN
JamesEMack@teleworm.usnah5eeCh5Subscription = FAN
JasonBWatson@armyspy.comeoti4OoquohSubscription = FAN
LukeABush@einrot.comZiec1uiguSubscription = FAN
JamesEMcDaniel@gustr.comJuSoi8ieSubscription = FAN
RobertTKirschner@rhyta.comOhYaiy6eeshSubscription = FAN
MichaelMTemplin@armyspy.comti6LioVuSubscription = MEGA FAN
JunkoAHorgan@dayrep.comxei9Dae8AuSubscription = MEGA FAN
ArthurSClark@teleworm.usFoo3saohSubscription = MEGA FAN
KathrynJJackson@teleworm.usMobuk3cae5oSubscription = MEGA FAN
AlmaHStanback@superrito.comahGhoph2Subscription = MEGA FAN
DanielCSaucier@einrot.comAibu3Fee0vieSubscription = MEGA FAN
RobertTPeterson@cuvox.deiuveingahD7Subscription = MEGA FAN
MelvinBStaats@cuvox.deieV1athaeSubscription = MEGA FAN
EmersonBRincon@teleworm.ussheeVai6DijSubscription = MEGA FAN
ChristinaJDuquette@rhyta.comhei7eiHahquSubscription = MEGA FAN
BobbyJGregory@teleworm.usjoh6xooYaSubscription = MEGA FAN
AaronKJohnson@gustr.comAisaR1ooT4Subscription = MEGA FAN
FranciscoAJohnson@rhyta.comSuaN9uph8ieSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
PeterRHoman@armyspy.comohNg0paedoodSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
ElizabethTDawson@dayrep.comefahchu8NahSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
ShirleyMGrant@cuvox.deAhYu7aisaeSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
StevenGSpencer@cuvox.deeequef0OoSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN

Free Crunchyroll Premium Account

September 2020;

JamisonGWilliams@armyspy.comroo0Qui0ecSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MosesMPinheiro@rhyta.comBiha5aeceiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
StevenJPowell@superrito.comOok4JaH4ahSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
BarbraELewis@armyspy.comzuleiz0OukSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
VictorLCarlino@fleckens.huAiquaek6ooSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RobertBHooks@teleworm.usooGhee1johSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
HughTCook@superrito.comkieGai4osaSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MichaelESolomon@einrot.comgoocei7aiPhSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
PedroYNakano@dayrep.comfa2EiwizaSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JohnFEspinoza@cuvox.debaituX2meSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
TommyDSilvia@jourrapide.comxaemie8AhfohSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MarianneJJanke@gustr.comahdoh8XaiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RalphAWillis@gustr.comNeiWeili1oSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MichaelBRobinson@teleworm.usshaim6ieDSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RobertAWeiss@fleckens.huieX5shuk8jaiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
CatherineJOliver@cuvox.deIev2EethSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
BrianJLemmon@cuvox.deaijauy4AeSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
BarbaraRFlores@jourrapide.comcohY1peeSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RobertMMagee@dayrep.comaibah7PieSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
MaryRSchreiner@cuvox.deIvi8Ea1uZSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
LilyJMurphy@armyspy.comBaihaeG4Subscription = ULTIMATE FAN
CharlesOGoff@einrot.comFoopah7ohSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JeffreyCGayman@fleckens.hueiChoozoo4xSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
GlenRPrince@fleckens.huyaLii9oigu4Subscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JamesJRoach@rhyta.comeimuojo9ahZSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
AdamPDuncan@superrito.comdohMae4haLSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RichardSDubose@cuvox.deeiH7IwooSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JamesDMartin@einrot.comahP6nahdSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
SheldonEHarris@fleckens.huul9wahFu9ShSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
AlexanderBLove@einrot.comAeNgee7daiNSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
VickiMScroggs@armyspy.comcoz4aeWoh7Subscription = MEGA FAN
PhillipLMartin@superrito.comid2XiKak8Subscription = MEGA FAN
BobbySGeiger@jourrapide.comeiZee5xahgooSubscription = MEGA FAN
AudreyACraig@teleworm.usqueTie3ooghSubscription = MEGA FAN
StevenHJohnson@dayrep.comoolauSah9zohSubscription = MEGA FAN
JamesMWilliams@cuvox.deki8PeeyuSubscription = MEGA FAN
KendallMPorter@rhyta.comOesheepheb4Subscription = MEGA FAN
AlvinKOdell@superrito.comooRain1uSubscription = MEGA FAN
EricLFreedman@einrot.combae0InahxSubscription = MEGA FAN
CharlesMJohnson@superrito.comEerohh4ahn0Subscription = MEGA FAN
AltaBJohnson@jourrapide.comReipahxu7Subscription = MEGA FAN
DallasABelknap@cuvox.deadeiD8iboh2Subscription = MEGA FAN
WilliamJSpencer@armyspy.comahwu9eeThakSubscription = MEGA FAN
DwayneJWilliams@gustr.comOochoo4no0Subscription = MEGA FAN
FrederickORogers@superrito.comcoNietie8bSubscription = MEGA FAN
StevenAClark@cuvox.deyie3iriY8Subscription = MEGA FAN
EbonyPMartin@gustr.comMaeHa1maeSubscription = MEGA FAN
RobertKDye@jourrapide.commai1ieQuooySubscription = MEGA FAN
CraigJPounds@jourrapide.commiiZunieg3Subscription = MEGA FAN
MatthewPNicklas@superrito.comith4mooReiSubscription = MEGA FAN
KristaRLopez@jourrapide.comdeeh1yahJeSubscription = MEGA FAN

Crunchyroll Free

August 2020;

ErrolLBlackburn@superrito.comcao9nae6SabahSubscription = MEGA FAN
RichardPArmstrong@armyspy.comohsee3UuxuSubscription = MEGA FAN
WilliamLSevere@gustr.comouto1fea5MSubscription = MEGA FAN
RobertHHammons@teleworm.usdoeB5deeyohSubscription = MEGA FAN
IrvingEStevenson@cuvox.devieK6ekae2ahSubscription = MEGA FAN
BrandonCRiles@teleworm.usViB1Oide3Subscription = MEGA FAN
JanetWChin@gustr.comgeceeFurai3ThSubscription = MEGA FAN
MarcEAckerman@jourrapide.comoithoh3oTaiSubscription = MEGA FAN
LloydCBerry@fleckens.hugaaNgeoch2wSubscription = MEGA FAN
ElizabethBCollins@fleckens.huAipees5BohSubscription = MEGA FAN
ClayFWilder@superrito.comweiM5yei6DSubscription = MEGA FAN
BenjaminSTaylor@fleckens.huFer1AilooSubscription = MEGA FAN
KeithESchisler@teleworm.usToogooco3OhSubscription = MEGA FAN
AndrewLRoberts@cuvox.deleisieBue5iSubscription = MEGA FAN
DavidSCorona@dayrep.comxai3Te3oaSubscription = MEGA FAN
RichardDLaboy@superrito.comahtie8ZiSubscription = MEGA FAN
BelindaLTurner@cuvox.deThaeng4caeBSubscription = MEGA FAN
ThomasSTirado@jourrapide.comio9aiGhaeSubscription = MEGA FAN
GordonCMartin@teleworm.usoRe9ainaikSubscription = MEGA FAN
GlendaRRowe@fleckens.huueli8eiZaaySubscription = MEGA FAN
HaroldEEllis@gustr.comuyo1aeXeuSubscription = MEGA FAN
RonnieAArmitage@gustr.comiNg3phieSubscription = MEGA FAN
WilliamDGent@jourrapide.comquariTh5Subscription = MEGA FAN
TedDNelson@superrito.comhoP8ael9eSubscription = MEGA FAN
StuartBLeedy@cuvox.deYaibie2fSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
TonyLGodfrey@rhyta.comretoo7yeeThSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
TyroneJMoran@einrot.commueS2xietSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
ChristopherHSantos@fleckens.huaiPh8huvu8AhSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
LaritaGKing@teleworm.usZoh1iez3OowSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
LuisCWood@armyspy.combeerai5IexaiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
DavidALawrence@fleckens.huooW8Ierah3aiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
ElenaDStankiewicz@gustr.comeeSh3iHaeSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
FredrickLRowan@superrito.comOelioy5yiKSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JosephBMatthies@jourrapide.comAhqui7XooYSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
CoraMOhler@einrot.comrohp7PhaiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
ClarenceDCox@armyspy.comOa2cajudoa4Subscription = ULTIMATE FAN
ArthurRBlackmon@gustr.comLo6gaPievahSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JamesKHendershot@jourrapide.comthiesiJ4GSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
WilburILeech@gustr.comHohD2co3ASubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
PhillipMKelley@jourrapide.comaifaa3AiquohSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RobertEGauthier@teleworm.usEv7teichiiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
WilliamKShultz@superrito.comAhwahdu1ooSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JamesDLacourse@dayrep.comohteuThai9ieSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
RosinaJParker@cuvox.dequee0uPeaSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
LawrenceDEscobar@cuvox.deYahc3az8Subscription = ULTIMATE FAN
EdwardCKlass@jourrapide.comooj2xohM6nSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
DannyEOlivares@fleckens.huOoqu2chooY5Subscription = ULTIMATE FAN
KimberlyJRice@cuvox.deaebaiVaeH5Subscription = ULTIMATE FAN
JacobEThorton@jourrapide.comuHeefeg7jaeSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
KelvinDCraig@fleckens.huhie3IeG2laiSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN
CorySHicks@einrot.comiSh6OoNgSubscription = ULTIMATE FAN

How To Get Crunchyroll For Free

You can also access premium crunchyroll for free by opting for 14 day free trial.

Here’s how you can get that.

Crunchyroll provides 14 day free trial to access the content by choosing one of their plans and just signing up.

1. Go to the website to signup and access free trial here >> Crunchyroll

2. You will see link to 14 day free trial right at the top.

3. This will take you to their pricing and plans page. Select any plan and choose 14 Day Free Trial

4. Create account with email & password

5. Fill in your card details to avail free trial. Don’t worry you won’t be charged for 14 days. It’s just to validate user.

Crunchyroll for free

Tada, you have complete to access to Crunchyroll premium for 14 days. Binge watch your favorites, but make sure to cancel crunchyroll trial before 14 days so that you don’t get charged.

Here’s how you can do it.

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Crunchyroll Cancel Free Trial

1. To cancel crunchyroll free trial, login to your account .

2. On the top menu select user icon that reads profile.

3. Select settings from the drop down option.

4. You will find several account settings on the left hand side. Out of which, select “premium membership status”

5. Now select cancel free trial. That easy!

If you have opted for free trial and really love the streaming site and don’t want to stop anime content. Here’s the pricing details.

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How Much Is Crunchyroll Premium ?

crunchyroll logins

Here I have answered most asked question, how much is crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll comes with 3 premium plans and pricing options.

The pricing plans are named as FAN, MEGA FAN & ULTIMATE FAN. These are priced at $7.99, $9.99 & $14.99/mo. respectively.

In all of the plans you get unlimited access to crunchyroll account and you will be able to stream without any ads.

However, MEGA FAN & ULTIMATE FAN plans have couple advantages more such as discounts across the stores etc.

Here’s a further break down of pricing and plans.

Basically in free plan you don’t get access to unlimited content also free plan would really have just too many ads.

So the most basic plan which is FAN gives you those perks. Also all the newest episodes you get 1 hour after Japan which is very quick to consume anime content. As normal audience has to wait for months to watch the same.

MEGA FAN, plan however will provide option to stream content on upto 4 devices. This is restricted to just 1 device in FAN plan.

Along with which you get offline viewing option which means you can download the content and access on the go.

If you are a real nerd and super fan, this pricing plan will get you special access to anime events and $15 off every months on the Crunchyroll Store.

However the ultimate benefit comes with ULTIMATE FAN plan, which has all the perks of other two plans. To top that, you get to stream on 6 devices. Plus an annual swag bag and $25 off instead of $25 off every 3 months.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Crunchyroll premium Account.

Crunchyroll Premium Account Not Working, What To Do?

If crunchyroll premium account or crunchyroll logins are not working that may mean, some of the users have changed the access details.

Do not worry, we keep updating account details every now and then and trash old accounts. So we will be updating soon.

Let us know in comments.

What Are Some Of The Popular Shows To Watch On Crunchyroll ?

Apart from being a general FAQ this question serves as recommendation to watch anime on Crunchyroll premium account.

As most of us have few favourites and signup to crunchyroll premium account for that. But once you have finished watching the series, you can try these popular ones on the crunchyroll premium account.

  1. Naurto Shippuden;
  2. Baruto: Naruto Next
  3. Dragon Ball Super
  4. One Piece
  5. Black Clover
  6. Ginatama
  7. Digimon Adventures
  8. GATE


I have shared with you different pricing options available for crunchyroll which would be very costly. Thus, you can use these crunchyroll logins which will allow you to use crunchyroll for free .At last I would like to conclude this ultimate post of crunchyroll premium account and logins with a basic guideline. Use them, have fun but do not change passwords. This way everyone can use it. You can check more such resources on iosappmania

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