How to Fix “Unable to download the app at this time” Error on iDevices

Want to Fix Unable to Download The App At This Time Error on iPhone, iPad, then you are in the right place, read the full article to Fix Unable to Download The App.

Recently, when I am trying to Download SNES4iOS on iPhone, I am getting the Error like “Unable to Download The App”SNES4iOS” could not be installed at this time”. I can’t understand anything at that time, I simply clicking on “Retry” option, But again same error. Finally, I tried many methods to fix that error, some methods gives me good results and some are not. Ok, let’s read more to know How I fix “Unable to download the app at this time” Error.

Unable to Download the app at this time
Unable to Download the app at this time Error pop-up
  • Note: I am not responsible any loses in your iDevice, here I am providing you what I have done to fix “Unable to Download the App” pop-up.

After doing so much of research I got to know one thing, Apple is Updating their iOS frequently to avoid Jailbreaking from the users. Jailbreaking mainly allows us to Download Paid apps for free, but that totally opposite to Apple Policies. So Apple always updates their OS to stop Jailbreaking assets. I think the apps which are showing Unable to Download the App at this time error while Downloading and Installing are the app which successfully Downloaded sometime back ago. So time changes, Apple updates their OS, I think that is the main reason we are getting Unable to download the app at this time.

Recently many of users claimed me they are facing Untrusted Enterprise Developer error with the Unable to Download the App at this time error. So if you are one of them, then follow my article to “Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error“.

Steps to Fix Unable to download the app at this time Error:

Here in this article I will give you some methods to Fix Unable to Download the App error pop-up on iPhone, iPad that to without Jailbreaking. Among all the methods “Change Date & Time” method works successfully on my end, so I start from that method.

Method 1: Change Date & Time

Change Date & Time back to 1 year ago, why because in that time no restrictions are made by Apple to Download & Install Third-party Apps.

Step 1) First of all Navigate to “Settings“, tap in it.

Step 2) Now Click on “General Settings“.

Step 3) After that tap on “Date & Time“.

Click on Date & Time

Step 4) Un-check “Set Automatically” option and change Date and Time back to some June 10, 2012.

Change Date back to previous years
Change Date back to previous years

Step 5) Now navigate to the Home screen and start downloading the app. I think app will download without any errors.

Step 6) After Downloading the app navigate to “Settings” >> “General” >> “Date & Time” >> Turn on “Set Automatically” which means change date and time back to original.

Turn on Set Automatically option
Turn on Set Automatically option

Method 2: Force Restart your iDevice

Follow the given below link to know more about how to force restart iDevices, without losing any data. Apple Company itself provides the methods to Force Restart iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to overcome the problem of Unable to Download the App at this time error pop-up.

Force Restart iDevices

Method 3: Restart your iPhone/iPad

Why I am suggesting simply restart your device because some times over usage of device which out switch off makes some cookies which not allows to download and install any apps so simply restart your iDevice by following below method.

Simply restart your iDevice by pressing and holding the on/off (Sleep/Awake) and then slide the red slider which represents us Switch off. Wait some more time, after that again do the same like to Turn on your iDevice back by pressing and holding the on/off button until you see the Apple logo.

Method 4: Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

Navigate to “Settings”, there you will find Airplane Mode, simply “Check Airplane mode” to Turn on. After few minutes Turn of Airplane mode after that try to download and install the app.

Method 5: Sing Out and Sing in to Apple ID

To Sign Out from Apple ID, you have to launch the Apple AppStore, scroll down to the bottom of the page, there you can see Apple ID, simply “Sign out” your Apple ID. After few minutes Sign back in to Apple ID by doing the same. After Sign out and Sign in to Apple ID again try to download and install the app.

Method 6: Update your iDevice

Some times you have to update your OS to download and install the apps from Apple AppStore. To do so simply follow the below steps.

Go to “Settings” >> “General” >> “Software Update“.

Sometimes Apple fixes many bugs on their periodical updates, I think new update may help you to Fix Unable to Download the App at this time error.

Method 7: Use different VPN

I think many of times users are facing Unable to Download the App at this time error,only because that app which users want to download and install may not follow their country privacy and policies, So their country government itself blocks the app from downloading. So simply use VPN to change your country location and your country IP to another country.

After using VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can definitely get the solution to download the app and install it on your iDevice.

Method 8: Change Google DNS

You may try changing your iPhone’s or iPad’s DNS (domain name system) servers. Here is how:

  • Go to “Settings” >> Click on “Wi-Fi”.
  • Search and Find your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then tap the (i) button.
  • Click on the DNS field.
  • Delete the current numbers there and enter the new Google DNS numbers:
  • Tap Wi-Fi to go back. The changes you made will be saved.

Method 9: Restart Your Router

Sometimes Router may cause interrupts while downloading and installing the apps, so simply Turn off your Router and Turn on after few minutes and check whether the app is getting download or not.

Method 10: Make Sure your AppStore Region is Correct or Not

Make Sure you country region is selected in AppStore is correct or not, To do so follow the below steps to overcome Unable to Download the app at this time.

“Settings” >> “iTunes & App Store” >> “Apple ID” > “View Apple ID” > “Country/ Region”.

Method 11: Check out Storage Space on iDevices:

Check out Storage Space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Many users are reporting us that they are facing Unable to
Download ‘’App and Games‘’ could not be download at this time. Because of having not enough storage space on that


That’s it kudos, I have write much needed methods which I use to Fix my Unable to Download the App at this time error on my iPhone while downloading the third-party apps. If you have any other methods to fix this issue, kindly share your methods with our users also.

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