iPad BigBoss Repo Download For iOS 10+/9+/8+ No Jailbreak iPhone, iPad

iPad BigBoss Repo: iOS prohibits the installation of the third party applications to ensure the security of the device. For this reason, installing any third party application may seem as the difficult for any end user. That’s why many persons find the process of jailbreaking of the iOS as a perfect solution for this problem. But Apple also released several updates which make the jailbreaking process difficult enough for the professionals. After reading this whole article you will also get “How to do Whatsapp web enabler without jailbreak” and here in this article, I will give you BigBoss Repo Url.

  • Note: If you are searching the web like “Can’t add BigBoss Repo to Cydia” and “Didn’t find repository BigBoss”, then you are in the right place to download BigBoss Repo apps free on non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad.

Have you ever tried to install iPad BigBoss repo on your iPhone which is not jailbroken or ended within vain efforts? After this failed attempt, if you thought that installing this software is not possible rather than jailbreaking then it’s the right time to rectify your thoughts as we are today going to describe the installation process iPad BigBoss Repo on those devices which are not jailbroken.

Free Download BigBoss Repo iOS 10+/9+/8+ on iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak:

Being a Cydia tweak, it can easily be installed with the aid of the iNoCydia. There is no bar regarding the device model, just installing the iNoCydia will enable any of the iOS to experience the iPad BigBoss Repo. We have personally checked and confirmed that the iNoCydia has the potential to perform this purpose flawlessly. Let starts the steps to install BigBoss Repo Url 2017 iOS 10+/9+/8+ on no jailbreak iPhone, iPad.

By using BigBoss Repo you can customize you iPhone, iPad like You Can Now Change Your iOS 7 Icons Back to iOS 6 Icons. You can also enjoy free apps on your iOS Devices. From my opinion, everyone wants to jailbreak their iDevice only to get paid apps for free. Actually, after jailbreaking Cydia will installed with all its default repos and they will work finely, but Sometimes after jailbreaking some of them may be missed some of the repos which are very useful and which are they want after jailbreaking. If you are facing error like big boss repo not working on iPhone, iPad, then try this Bigboss repo for iPhone, iPad that too without jailbreaking.

How to Install BigBoss Repo iOS 10.3, 10.2.1, 10.1.1, 10+, 9.3.5, 9.4.2, 9.3.3, iOS 8+, iOS 9+ iPhone, iPad:

So, let’s have a glance over the steps which need to be followed to complete the installation process in the following:

Step 1) As the first step, you should unlock the device and open the pre-installed ‘Safari Browser’ on your occupied device i.e. iPad or iPhone.

Step 2) Now it’s time to visit the specific website i.e. inocydia.net.

Step 3) After getting the web page totally opened, just click on the ‘Download’ button to initiate the download of the into Cydia.

Step 4) Just tap on the ‘Confirm’ button to allow the installation of the downloaded software.

Step 5) Closing the ‘Safari’ browser will not affect the entire process.

Step 6) Just return back to the home screen of the device to visualize the new icon of the iNoCydia.

Step 7) If you didn’t the above steps then read my previous article on iNoCydia Download For iOS.

Now you are almost done to get the iPad BigBoss Repo installed in your device. Just open the iNoCydia application by tapping its icon and explore the world of the emulators, Cydia tweaks and many other items which include the iNoCydia too.

How to add BigBoss repository to Cydia Sources:

Some BigBoss Repositor didn’t come by default. In that, situations you need to add it by manually.

  • Note: Normally BigBoss Repo can be installed by default. If you remove it, it can be added again tapping “More Package Sources” on the Cydia home screen. To add BigBoss Cydia Repository to your Cydia Sources list, just follow the next steps:

Step 1) First and foremost step is Launch Cydia from your iPhone, iPad Home Screen

Step 2) Now Tap on “Sources” >> “Edit” >> “Add

Step 3) Copy and paste the below Url on Url Box:


Step 4) After doing copy and paste simply tap on add button.

Step 5) Now Back to “Sources” tab.

Step 6) Make sure BigBoss repository is listed (the blue tile icon with double B) and check BigBoss Repo is working or not.


We preferred the iNoCydia to install the Cydia Tweaks e.g. iPad BigBoss Repo as we have personal experience with it. Though this application many features compared to the jailbroken devices, you may find it the most useful process rather than jailbreak the iOS.

So, it’s the right time for you to try these above-mentioned steps to perform the successful installation of the iPad BigBoss Repo with any hassles? If you get stuck in between any of the mentioned steps just leave a comment in the comment box to get it resolved from our end. Do share the post with your friends to let them now the innovative process. Finally, you learn how to download BigBoss repo no jailbreak which is the iPhone tweak on jailbroken iDevice.

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